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We offer spray tanning for any and all occasions

We know what it's like to not want to go out and get a spray tan, so that is why we will come to YOU. Whether it be a wedding, prom night, or even just for fun, we will be there to meet YOUR needs, at YOUR notice.

Within 15 miles radius

Air Brush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is the new, exciting way to get that “Hawaiian Vacation Tan”. Using the airbrush, a cool, fine mist is gently hand sprayed over the body, which effortlessly blends in evenly and works with the top layer of the skin, producing an instant, natural-looking bronzed tan effect. Our formula will last for 5-7 days and even longer when using our moisturizing tan extender.

State of the art

Our goal at Country Shades LLC is to provide our clients with quality memorable experiences. We are dedicated to a warm, friendly, helpful, and clean experience. We are also committed to our customer's health and safety by providing a professional, highly trained and certified staff.

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We will come directly to you

Within 15 miles

The beauty of it...

Spray tanning is a subtle and sophisticated process to help you receive the right skin tone. It provides better coloring to pair perfectly with specific clothing or gives you a look you want at a ceremony.
One thing to remember about spray tans is that they aren’t necessarily about getting darker; they’re about achieving a skin-level, sun-kissed glow. The DHA mixes with the body’s amino acids to change your coloring temporarily. That is the advantage to spray tanning. You can achieve color quickly and regularly as you wish.
"I needed a great Spray Tan for an event. I’m not from here. As soon as I walked in I was pleasantly greeted by Kelley. I noticed right away the cleanliness of the salon, professionalism and knowledge. Kelley also informed me the perks of being a first time client."

Sarah Gallagher

"Clean and reasonably priced.  There are several tanning options.  The staff is very helpful and polite."

Claire Schooley

Love your Shade, Experience your glow


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